Kitchen renovation: How we renovated our kitchen.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this post since we moved into our newly renovated apartment in 2018. Two years later and I finally decided to write about how we renovated our kitchen.

You know what they say. The universe’s timing is never wrong… Or did I just create a quote? 

Ah well… Now where to begin….

Bought a fixer upper. Now what?

So we were finally home owners and collected the keys to our first apartment. We bought into the dream of buying a fixer upper and making it our own. That’s what happens when you watch too much TV, HGTV to be specific. Now we had a three bedroom, two bathroom, two level apartment to completely renovate in four weeks before our lease expired.

While we refurbished the entire apartment, this blog will focus on how we renovated the kitchen, completely transforming it from dated to dazzling.

Demo DAY

More like Demo WEEK. We decided to tackle the demolition on our own. Little did we know it would not be as easy as what was on TV. Removing the fixtures and counter tops were easy, it was the tiles that were the hardest to remove. They must have been glued to the floor and wall. Nonetheless they had to go. We got some help from strong friends and a jackhammer, and we were able to completely demo the kitchen. We were even able to salvage and sell a few of the items from the kitchen; the upper cabinets along with the lower cabinet doors.

Kitchen Reno: Design and Layout

Even before we completed the demo we had an idea of how we wanted to design our kitchen. Once again, too much HGTV. Rory did a design layout using an online tool and a rendering so we could navigate the project and let each contractor know exactly what we were trying to achieve.

We spent a lot of time exploring the options for tiles, cabinets, counter tops, fixtures and appliances. Our favourite place to visit quickly changed from the beach and became Active Home, Creative Building and Tile City. We visited other stores but these ended up being our top three go to places.

For our design, we decided on a blue, grey and white theme. This featured a grey tone patterned floor tile, white counter tops and two toned cabinets with a glass mosaic back splash, chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances. It took what felt like weeks to finalize our orders and get them to the work site. Most of the items were transported by the Red King (Rory’s car).

The kitchen renovation process

Everything after this seemed to move like a 10G wire speed transmission. In other words very quickly.

The plumber ensured all the pipes were laid while the electrician was also present to ensure the cables were positioned to receive the cook top, water heater and other appliances. Rory and I were working a DIY to paint the lower kitchen cabinets (another task that’s only easy on TV). The tiler laid the floor tiles. Then the carpenters (including Mr. Rory) installed the kitchen cabinets and mounted the sink. The tiler installed the mosaic back splash. The plumber returned to connect the sink and install the faucet.

How we renovated our kitchen, kitchen renovation, installing cabinets
Kitchen Renovation, Porcelain Tiles.
installing cabinets, how we renovated our kitchen, cooktop installation

After all that craziness, the painter came in to add finishing touches to the walls and finally fixtures and appliances were installed.

And just like that the kitchen was a done deal.

Wow!! There really was a lot happening simultaneously to get the kitchen completed on time.

We managed to renovate our entire apartment and move in within seven weeks. This was not without mishaps like multiple leaking and broken pipes, broken tiles, wrong paint colours and breaking through shared walls (into our neighbours apartment).

We were happy that this renovation was behind us, but this was just the beginning of countless home projects and DIYs.

Let me know if you enjoyed this blog on how we renovated our kitchen. Tell me about your renovation plans or you home DIY projects.

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Until next time. Happy renovating!!!


  1. This post is a true definition of vision and journey combined. I’m sure that house feels like home with all the DIY you’ve done. Awesome read. Oh I didn’t know cook top was a thing in Jamaica till now!

        1. Love your blog. I am a hgtv fanatic too. The cobalt blue is bold and was definitely needed for the kitchen. Cant wait to read more renovating chronicles especially how you guys busted your neighbor’s wall (lol). Congrats to you and hubby

  2. You reads are alternative to the daily gleaner and news. They have life and personal touch built into them. Unlike the gleaner that comes with depression on the front page always. Thank you.

  3. Transformation was amazing, I love that you and Rory did a lot of DIY, one of the best things a couple can do. You definitely brought that kitchen to life. From the tiles on the floor, to the contrasting of the bottom and top cupboards. And the shades of the mosaic blends well with everything

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog Sasha. I’m frikkin obsessed with the new look! Ps. Can you please show us the rest of the renovation lol sorry for being nosey.

  5. It’s a lovely transformation! I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment felt after the renovation process. Good work

  6. I remember visiting during the demolish phase and secretly hoped nobody asked me to help! Not typical of me, but It looked daunting. Lol.
    Fast forward a few weeks later, the reno was done and i was floored! I regret even sweeping out the house! Lol.
    I loved all the personal touches and that almost everything had a story – a story for the kids 👀
    Yourself and Rory have inspired me in more ways than you know.

    1. Yes man. You shoulda shell dung some tile too. All Roshene more handy that you. Lol.
      But thanks for the kinds words, hopefully you will have a project of your own soon. I promise to help you out.

  7. I am inlove with this dorm head 🙂 You have blossomed into a Jill of many trades, I absolutely love it. We just bought a fixer upper as well and while we have contractors doing most of the work, I’m taking on projects like the walk in closet and window nook. You gave me new strength to get it done.

    1. DWL. Only one person. Thanks love. We did our closet as well. Have fun with your reno.

  8. Job well done my DIY partner, looking forward to our other projects. Keep the blogs going.

  9. This blog was a great read Sasha. Congrats on the new apartment as well 🎉🎉. I Enjoyed every bit of it ! I love the finished product. I love DIYS as well. I’ve moved into my house a year now and I live on Pinterest and HGTV for ideas for small projects. It’s all I live for these days. It’s so much fun! Looking forward to seeing your other projects.

    1. Thanks for reading Makeida. Happy you enjoyed it.
      This DIY-ing is a whole movement and once you start there’s no stopping.

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